Craggy Gardens - Blue Ridge Parkway, June 2017Craggy Gardens - Blue Ridge Parkway, June 2017

First Visit to Mouse Creek Falls

September 17, 2017  •  1 Comment


Mouse Creek Falls - September 2017Mouse Creek Falls - September 2017

After some good rains, a friend and I got an early start to see a new waterfall, Mouse Creek Falls.  After seeing some great photos by Jason Frye, I knew I had to see this beautiful waterfall.  It did not disappoint.

Conditions were very good with cloudy skies early.  But even on a sunny day, the main falls, like you see here, are heavily protected by trees.  Foreground less so.

The 4.2 mile round-trip hike in is rated a "3" in Kevin Adams' book.  The hike in was more like a "4" to me being a steady slight uphill climb with some rocks and roots to watch out for.  The downhill hike back was considerably nicer.

With the hike, we spent six hours photographing the area.  There are so many possibilities.  At about 1.75 miles in, there is a very popular swimming hole on the left with a small waterfall at the head.  I tried going downstream a bit to get a better angle of the waterfall but I was too far away to really get anything I liked.

All along the hike, there are some very nice cascades to photograph provided the water flow is good.  We met someone familiar with Mouse Creek and he commented that he'd never seen as much water as this day.  Guess we had some good luck.

Mouse Creek Falls is located in Mt. Sterling in western North Carolina.  I'd definitely recommend putting it on your "to see" waterfall list.



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Your photos are superb, Reid. Love your website and your blog.
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